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Ramadhan 2015

The month of Ramadhaan fast approaching with its enormous blessings & rewards inshAllah Alfajr Trust is again distributing food parcels this Ramadhan inshAllah We distributed 600 food packages last year with the mercy & Tawfiq of Allah swt Allhamdulliaha This Ramadhaan we endeavour to do the same inshAllah Our distribution is mainly in the inner city area of Rawalpindi Pakistan  which is stricken with poverty & deprivation We can imagine the predicament of those who are fasting but have little or no food to open their fast with So your help will go a long way help feed these families @ the time of Iftaar & Sahoor insha Allah So when we open our fast we have the satisfaction of knowing that we have also helped someone else to open their fast insha Allah.  Our food package contains on the following items: Flour, 20 Kg Rice, 4 Kg Sugar 2Kg Ghee, 2Kg Tea, 1/4 Kg White chana, 1Kg Dates, 1Kg Sharbat, 1 bottle Total cost £15 per package.

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