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Famine in Sindh

We like to update you about activities of Alfajr Trust in Thur Parker. This was out second visit in Thur Parker a famine stricken province in Pakistan.

We visited Thur Parker on 23rd of March 2015. Our experiences there were moving with the unprecedented hospitality & humbleness of those who have denied the very basic needs. Allah swt has given Thur people immense qualities of endurance & patience to survive in the most difficulttimes of their lives. In times of shortage of food & water leaving all the remaining needs that any human society will require to survive One cannot imagine their hardship & sufferings But MashAllah with the immense mercy of Allah swt Thur people are strong & resilient. In comparison to a so called civilise society where Allah swt has bestowed so many blessings You will not b able to find an example of such endurance & steadfastness that people in Thur exhibit mashAllah. AllahuAkbar

Thur Parker is situated in Sindh province in Pakistan It takes about 6 hours car journey from Karachi to arrive in Mithi a main city in Thur Parker.

Alfajr Trust is indebted by the help, support & assistance given by Alkhidmat Foundation ( a long serving charity in Thur Parker) We managed to distribute food parcels among the residents of villages situated on the periphery of Mithi & Salaam Coat.
Without the help of personnel from Alkhidmat foundation it was impossible We also identified two water pumps locations Allhamdulliaha.

Finally I hope & pray to Allah swt to give us Tawfiq to carry on working in Thur Parker to provide service to those beautiful people in Sindh whose humbleness is remarkable MashAllah . May Allah swt accept all of our good deeds & have mercy on us & on all of those & on their families who helped us during our visit to Thur Parker.

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